About the Art-A-Fair Foundation




The Art-A-Fair Foundation is a non-profit organization working in conjunction with the Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach California with a mission to promote the growth of art and artists.

With the hard work of our members and the generous support of the community and corporate sponsors, the Art-A-Fair Foundation provides ongoing art education and art sponsorship in Southern California. We provide art supplies for school art classes hard hit by cuts to their budgets.

The Art-A-Fair Foundation is run entirely by dedicated volunteers.  100% of our proceeds go back into art programs throughout Southern California.

A sample of program we support:

  • Mentoring and providing scholarships for high school art student who are pursing a career in the arts
  • Providing art supplies for high schools throughout Southern California
  • Providing art supplies for healing programs such as the Alzheimer’s Foundation and programs for abused or at risk children
  • Sponsoring programs such as “Art Masters”


If you would like to volunteer your time for one or more of our programs or make a donation, please contact us at ron@artafairfoundation.org.


 We would like to thank Bank of America for their generous and continuing support of all of our programs.

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